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We are a wholesale buyer of hair for selective clients with special requirements.


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We will pay you more money the lighter, longer and heavier it is.

We pay the least for black hair and the highest for naturally blonde or white hair. We pay an equally high price for grey hair, but only if it is very light.

Typically a 20″ ponytail will weigh from 66gm to 122gm. When we receive your hair it will be weighed on professional scales.

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How do I contact you?
Please fill out this contact form
How much will I earn?
£5 to £550. Get Paid. You will earn an additional £10 if you kindly write a review for us. Reviews.
How quickly will I get paid?
You will get paid within 2-5 business days of us receiving your hair. how-fast-will-i-get-paid



How will I get paid?
We will deposit your money to your Paypal or chosen bank account. Paypal will likely deduct fees from this amount which is beyond our control. If you are outside the UK it is possible your bank may charge you fees to receive money from the UK. Please check with your bank.



What will you do with my hair when you receive it?
We will email you to confirm arrival, weight and our proposed offer to buy or return to you.
I've got grey hair, is this ok?
Yes. Please check here to see what kind of grey hair we are currently buying.
What kind of hair is acceptable?
We only buy Caucasian hair, which is healthy. Straight to curly. Black to Blonde. acceptable-hair
What is the most valuable hair?
Naturally blonde hair, 20″ / 50cm and above. The lighter it is the more it is worth.
Which hair is unacceptable?
Non-Caucasian hair is unacceptable. Generally we don’t buy dyed hair, but it’s possible we will accept some which has only been tinted very slightly. We have to see it to check it first. So don’t be disappointed if we mail it back to you. We don’t buy: permed, chemically damaged, coarse, frizzy or dry hair. uncceptable-hair
What happens if I send my hair to you and you don't like it?
We will pay for regular mail to send it back to you.
Should I get my split ends cut first?
Definitely not. It is likely your hairdresser will take off too much length making your hair worth less. split-ends
Do I have to shave my hair off?
No, you can choose the length to cut. Do-I-have-to-shave-my-hair-
How should I send my hair?
Use any postal service such as the post office, FedEx, UPS or DHL. Clearly identify who you are so we can pay you. Fill in this form so that we can match your hair up with your identity when it arrives. Make sure you supply a return address in case we need to send it back to you. How-should-I-send-my-hair
Do I need to use a professional hairdresser?
No, but a professional hairdresser will probably maximise the amount of hair cut which will weigh more and so you will earn more money 🙂
Should I wash it first?
Yes please 🙂 Wash it before you have it cut. If it is already cut then do not wash it as if you do it will likely fall away from the bundle. We will accept it unwashed so please don’t be too concerned. Do not put any after care products on it. should-I-was-it-first
How should I have it cut?
Please following these video guides. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29FUiUIQ2FA
How should I package my hair?
It’s really important that it is put into tight bands before it’s cut so that all the hair stays the right way up. Place it in a plastic bag and put a rubber band around the bag to stop the hair swishing around in the mail.
What is my hair being used for?
Depending on its length, colour and quality it will be used to make wigs or hair extensions. What-is-my-hair-being-used-for
Can I send you a picture of my hair to check you want to buy it before I cut it?
Yes. Please fill in this form.
How long will my hair take to grow again?
Hair grows about 1/4 inch a month. how-long-will-my-hair-take-to-grow
Can I sell my old hair extensions to you?
Do you buy wigs?
No, but we are happy for donations which we keep and give to the occasional cancer or alopecia sufferer. However please only send new wigs.
Do you buy men's hair?
Will you sell hair my hair to a celebrity?
Yes, it’s likely.


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